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Pockets Valentine Day OfferPockets Valentine Day Offer
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Pockets Valentines Day Offer - 10% Cash Back


Buy Gift Vouchers on Pockets and get 10% cashback

Find the perfect gift for your loved ones on Pockets by ICICI Bank. You can buy a range of Gift Vouchers from electronics and accessories to food, fashion and more. What’s more! Now you also get 10% cashback when you buy Gift Vouchers from your Pockets app.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Login to your Pockets app
  • Select ‘More’ and go to ‘Gifts’
  • Choose your Gift Voucher and select the denomination
  • Send the Gift Voucher to any contact

Go ahead, surprise your loves ones today and get 10% cashback in your wallet!

Offer valid from February 1 to February 14, 2016.

Don’t have a Pockets wallet? Just download Pockets by ICICI Bank from Play Store/App Store and register to create your wallet.

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I. Definitions

  • "Customer" shall mean a person who has created a Pockets Wallet on the Pockets app by ICICI Bank and is an Indian Resident.
  • "Pockets" shall mean the Pockets by ICICI Bank Digital banking mobile application on which both existing ICICI bank customers and non ICICI bank customers can get onboarded. For existing ICICI Bank savings account customer/s, onboarding can be done through their ICICI Bank internet banking user ID and password whereas for non ICICI Bank users, onboarding can be done by entering minimum details such as mobile number, name, email ID, DOB and gender and a new ICICI Bank user ID and password can be created.
  • "Offer" shall mean giving a cashback of 10% on the amount of the gift voucher bought by the customer.
  • "Offer Period" shall mean the period commencing from 1st February 2016 and ending on 14th February 2016, both days inclusive.
  • "Primary Terms and Conditions" shall mean the terms and conditions applicable to ICICI Bank's internet banking facility/service.
  • "Void Transaction" shall mean any transaction wherein the transaction has taken place but has been cancelled /rejected /unsuccessful by ICICI Bank
  • "Website" shall mean the following website of ICICI Bank. i.e.

II. Offers

  • All customers who have successfully bought one or more gift vouchers from the Pockets app will get a cashback of 10% capped at a maximum of Rs 100 during the Offer Period.
  • The offer is not available for payments to other wallets, Bill payment and mobile recharges.
  • Participation in the Offer by the Customer/s is on a voluntary basis.
  • In order to participate in the Offer,
    • Customer logs in to Pockets app and selects the gift voucher(s) of his/her choice and send it to any mobile number
    • Customers who successfully purchase a gift voucher will get a 10% cashback upto a maximum of Rs 100 credited into their Pockets wallet within 7 working days.
    • The Offer is non-transferable, non-binding and non-encashable.
  • "Offer Period" shall mean the period commencing from 1st February 2016 and ending on 14th February 2016, both days inclusive.
  • The Pockets cashback offer will not be applicable in case the Pockets wallet has crossed the permissible limits. The Pockets wallet limit cannot exceed Rs.10,000 at any point in time
  • Wallets with status as Lost/Stolen/Blocked will not be eligible for this offer
  • The cashback will be limited to one cashback/customer.

III. Terms Prescribed for the Offer

  • All services offered are at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank.
  • The participation in the program is entirely voluntary and that the participation by the Referrer shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. ICICI Bank also reserves the right to discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained herein, ICICI Bank reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice to vary, withdraw, cancel, or invalidate the cashback Program, without having to give a reason thereof, and without compensation whatsoever. Further, ICICI Bank has the discretion to reject any claim in the event of irregularity, discrepancy, or dispute, and its decision shall be final, conclusive and binding.
  • All claims against ICICI Bank, if any, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of Mumbai.

IV. Terms Prescribed by the Program

  • The offer is to provide a cashback on shopping transaction done using the Pockets card at Flipkart
  • The offer is not applicable for payments to other wallets, bill payments and mobile recharges.
  • The details are provided in the "Offers Section” provided above.

V. Terms and Conditions for Rewards

  • Eligible Customer/s shall be provided a 10% cashback upto a maximum of Rs 100
  • Any tax or other liabilities or charges payable to the Government or any other statutory authority/body or any participating establishment, which may arise or accrue to the Customer due to provision of the Offer, shall be to the sole account of the Customer.
  • The cash received in the wallet can be used for any Pockets related transactions that includes transactions on the app, on ecommerce websites or at POS terminals.
  • The Pockets cash funding offer will not be applicable in case Pockets wallet is funded for more than permissible limits. The Pockets wallet limit cannot exceed Rs.10,000 at any point in time.
  • All communication / queries with regard to this Offer should be addressed directly on
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Offer or Customer/s from the benefits of the Offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Offer.
  • ICICI Bank shall not be held liable for any delay or loss that may be caused during the process of cashback.
  • The Offer is not available wherever prohibited and / or on Products / Services for which such offers cannot be made available for any reason whatsoever.
  • If the ICICI Bank user ceases to be so at any time during the Offer Period, then all the benefits under the offer shall lapse and shall not be available to such ICICI Bank user.