• Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance: Arrange delivery of flowers or gifts anywhere in the world. Avail of 10% discount on value up to 1,000 and 15% discount on value above 1,000 on “Touch Flora”

  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance: Our concierge team will assist you with the address and telephone number of golf courses and also facilitate in making the reservation on your behalf.

  • Special Events and Performance Assistance: You will no longer miss events like the concert of our favourite singer. Place a request with the concierge team and the necessary bookings will be made.

  • Spa, Fitness Centre and Sports Centre Information and Referral Assistance

  • Lifestyle and Apparel offers: Discount on the list price for several lifestyle services.

  • Airport Lounge and Airport Transfer offers: Avail of 10% discount on access to airport lounges and airport transfers across the world. Contact our concierge team for more details.

  • Hotel Programme: Special offers on leading five star hotels across the world

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