Customer registers a Utility Biller and Telecom biller under the transaction type ‘Bill Pay’ on 1st August’16 & 20th October’16. Customer makes payment in August’16 & September’16 amounting to INR 5,000 & INR 10,000 towards the Utility biller and makes payment in October’16 amounting to INR 15,000 towards Telecom biller. Since the first payment was made in August’16, we will check the minimum transaction count for the quarter ending 31st October’16. The count of transaction will be considered as 3 for the quarter ending 31st October’16. Since, the customer meets the required minimum count of 2 transactions for the quarter ending 31st October’16, 1% cashback will be offered on INR 15,000 as this transaction has the highest transaction value. Customer will be eligible for Payout in November’16. This customer’s transaction count will next be checked for minimum transaction count in the quarter starting from 1st November’16 to 31st January’17.