Terms and Conditions

1. Deal booked on CCIL Platform has to be utilised for underlying forex transactions only.
2. All unutilised deals will be cancelled on maturity and loss arising out of cancellation will be recovered from customer’s account. Gains, if any, arising out of such cancellation will not be passed on to the customer.
3. ICICI Bank has the right to reject the transaction request, on the following grounds:

4. Deals beyond maturity won’t be acceptable.
5. Each deal will be considered separate and in case of reversal there won’t be any netting off the deals.
6. On assigning the transaction limit, lien will be marked on your account equivalent to <5>% of the transaction amount in INR terms till the underlying transaction is processed or expiry of the validity of the limit, whichever is earlier.
7. Separate deal has to be booked for each product (e.g. for Remittance and Travel Card) and combined deal could not be adjusted for multiple transactions.
8. Once the deal is booked on CCIL platform, client will be fully responsible for the utilisation of the deal with the settlement bank.
9. Deal booked and underlying request should be of same currency.
10. Client needs to submit documents along with the transaction. Outward deal to be utilised on the same day and inward deal to be utilised on or before maturity.
11. Deal done through CCIL cannot be utilised for online reload or refund of Travel Card and physical currency.
12. The customer has to abide by all the Terms and Conditions of CCIL for trading in FX Retail platform.


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