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Rates & Charges
Rates & Charges
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Pockets by ICICI Bank

A new way to bank , with Pockets from ICICI Bank, access your bank from Facebook.


Pockets by ICICI Bank offers you the convenience of banking on Facebook. The first-of-its kind app uses Facebook credentials to log into your account on Facebook to make banking fun and social.


There's a lot that you can do with Pockets by ICICI Bank:


  • See a summary of all your relationships with the bank, whether it is your savings account, credit card or demat account
  • Check your account balance
  • Keep a track of your last 10 transactions
  • Get details of your credit card dues, balance and limit
  • View credit card statements
  • View all your holding statements of your Demat account
  • Apply for a cheque book
  • Submit a stop-cheque request
  • Enquire about the status of a particular cheque
  • Apply for e-statement

Getting Started

Now you can access your account on Pockets using the Facebook app. Activate and start using Pockets by ICICI Bank in 3 simple steps. So go on, get Pockets by ICICI Bank today.



Step 1: Do you have an ICICI Bank account?

ICICI Bank offers wide variety of features which enhances your experience with ICICI Bank. Apply for a Savings Account with us today. Call our 24 hour customer care



Step 2: Go to Pockets App on Facebook

Search for Pockets by ICICI Bank on Facebook and open the application. 



Step 3: Activate and Start using Pockets

All you have to do now is just Login to Facebook and register using your ICICI Bank Debit Card and PIN. Existing user can login with their password.





Security of information:


No personal information, account balance or transaction information is shared with Facebook through Pockets by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank just posts a message on your wall after your registration. If you wish to share any of your other activities on the app, you need to explicitly post them on Facebook.



Security of transactions

  • Completely Secure:

    Pockets is completely secure as all authentication and transactions take place on ICICI Bank's secured servers. Any unauthorized access to your Facebook account does not impact your Pockets account
  • Safe Start:

    Registration of your account is based on your Debit Card number and PIN authentication to avoid any misuse of your account. This authentication page also resides on ICICI Bank servers and not on Facebook