Assured transfers within 2 days else USD 2 Service Charge re-imbursed
We commit to transfer money to your receiver in India, within 2 working days from your Express e-Transfer request initiation date on Money2India
If we do not meet the commitment, we will re-imburse the USD 2 remittance service charge levied on your Express e-Transfer request
* IMPORTANT TERMS for the Service Guarantee:
  These are the terms and conditions governing "Service Guarantee" ("Offer"), being made by ICICI Bank Limited, India ("ICICI Bank") to the Money2India ("M2I") registered users ("M2I Users") who shall receive the email communication of the Offer on their registered M2I email Id and can also view the Offer on the Money2India website. The participation in this Offer shall be governed by the M2I Terms & Conditions present on & Terms and Conditions envisaged herein ("Terms and Conditions").
1. Definition:
"Service Guarantee" refers to ICICI Bank's commitment to transfer money to the beneficiary of M2I Users in India within the Transfer Time. If the money is not transferred within the Transfer time then ICICI Bank will reimburse the Service Charge. "Service Charge" refers to remittance service charge of USD 2 levied on Express e-transfer request.
"Transfer" refers to Express e-transfer to India made by the M2I User via M2I.
"Transfer Time" means 2 Working Days from the Express e-transfer request initiation date on Money2India. Request Initiation date should be a Working Day, both in India and USA. If request initiation date is a non working day then next working day will be considered as the effective request initiation date.
"Website" means the Website presently maintained by ICICI Bank at
"Working Days means a day (excluding holidays and weekends in India and USA) on which ICICI bank is open for general business.
"Successful Transfer" refers to the Transfer where the beneficiary's bank account has been credited/ funds are disbursed to the beneficiary as per instructions given by the M2I User.
2. By participating in the Offer, the M2I Users agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (which may be amended or varied at any time by ICICI Bank with or without notice) and by ICICI Bank's decisions, which shall be deemed to be final and binding in all matters pertaining to the Offer. All changes in the Terms and Conditions shall be posted on the Website.
3. To participate in the Offer, the M2I Users shall be required to login to their M2I account through the Website and make Successful Transfer in due compliance with the terms and conditions governing M2I, available at Website.
4. Turn around time for Express e-Transfer transaction-
  Working Day 0: Request Initiation date
  Working Day 1/2: Money credited to your receiver account in India as per your request
  All dates/days are basis Indian Standard Time (IST).
5. For Fixed Rupee transfer requests using Express e-Transfers, Offer is applicable only if request is initiated by 15:00:00 Hours (IST) on a given day.
6. The offer will not be given under following circumstances:
In case of incorrect/incomplete transaction details and/or beneficiary details.
Beneficiary account is not valid.
System failure, technical not-error and/or delay on the part of intermediary banks Transaction rejected by your local bank in USA.
Circumstances are beyond our reasonable control and all efforts have been made by us, whether caused by strikes, power failures, equipment malfunctions, acts or omissions of any intermediary bank, war, riots (or threats of war or riots), governmental or court orders, or work stoppages.
Beneficiary's account cannot receive foreign inward remittances in accordance with RBI guidelines.
Additional documents or information is required by ICICI Bank for processing the transaction.
Transactions not in accordance with Money2India Terms & conditions mention at
All transactions rejected by the ICICI Bank.
How will you get your Express e-Transfer Service Guarantee benefit?
Where we are unable to meet the Service Guarantee, subject to the Important Terms of Service Guarantee as specified above, we will credit your beneficiary account (for the corresponding Express e-Transfer request) with the equivalent rupee amount arrived at by converting the USD 2 Remittance service charge, at the exchange rate (card rate) applied to the transfer.
The Service Guarantee benefit, where applicable, will be credited to your beneficiary account within 2 working days of the Express e-Transfer request date. We will send you a confirmation email to your registered email ID confirming the same.