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Send Money from UK to India

Money Transfer Online - Money2India

Now send money with ease to any bank account in India from UK with our secure and trusted money transfer service.

How to transfer money from UK to INDIA?

  1. Transfer money with your existing Money2India account. login here.
  2. Transfer money with ICICI Bank NRI Account. login here.
  3. Click here to transfer money if you are new to Money2India.
Step 1: Enter the amount you wish to transfer
Step 2: Are you a first time user? Complete your profile by adding few details
Step 3: Choose from already added recipients or add new one
Step 4: Choose from already added bank accounts or add new one
Step 5: Pay by logging on to your local bank's internet banking


Funding your transfer from UK

Once you initiate your transfer request via Money2India, you will have to fund your transfer request using your local bank account. Following are the steps to fund your transfer

  1. Log on to the Internet banking application of your bank in UK.
  2. Go to the module that enables you to Pay/Transfer funds to another bank account.
  3. In the module, select your bank account no. and enter the mandatory transfer details.
  4. Confirm the third party payment/ fund transfer, to complete the money transfer request.

    Enter the Tracking Number in the field provided for "Message to recipient" or "Purpose of payment" or "Payment Reference". Please note that unless we receive the complete Tracking Number with your funds, we will not be able to process your transaction. So check with your bank (or on your bank's Web site) about which field to use to send a personalized message to the recipient.

    Enter the third party account details as follows:
    Recipient NameRecipient Name ICICI Bank
    Recipient Bank ICICI Bank UK PLC
    Recipient Bank Clearing / Sort Code 160034
    Recipient Account Number 10008091


Track your transfers Anytime, Anywhere.


  • Easy and Convenient online transactions
  • Best locked-in exchange rates
  • Automate your money transfers
  • Choose from over 100 entities in India to pay for

Service Charges

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You can also transfer money to India from

USA, Singapore, UAE, Other Countries


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