Access Money2India through NRI Internet Banking FAQ's

Can I transact on Money2India through internet banking?

You can go to the ‘Funds transfer’ page on your logged in section in internet banking and access Money2India option from there to transact on Money2India

In which geographies is the facility for transacting on Money2India through Internet banking available?

I tried using this option, an error pops up saying “Sorry, Money2India service is not available in your geography. Please visit for more information.” Why does this show?

This facility is currently available only in US, Singapore, UAE .

An OTP was triggered while I tried to access the Money2India option through Retail Internet Banking. To which mobile number is this OTP sent?

OTP is sent to the mobile number registered for your primary NRI account.

How do I register to Money2India through Internet Banking?

Please follow the below steps to register for Money2India through your Internet Banking Account.

  • Login to NRI Internet Banking facility
  • Choose ‘Funds Transfer’ and click on ‘Remittance from overseas account through Money2India’ option
  • Choose ‘Register Now’