NetExpress Middle East FAQs

What is NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers)?

NetExpress is a completely online money transfer facility for remitters in UAE.


Remitters having internet banking facility for their checking accounts with banks in UAE can use NetExpress. Additionally, only customers of banks offering the following will be able to use this facility:

  • Online third-party funds transfers/payments on their Internet banking website and,
  • A "Remarks" or "Message to Recipient" field while making the online third-party transfer, to enter the Tracking Number generated on Money2India.


What are the benefits of NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers)?

  • A nominal charge of AED 15 (inclusive of service tax @ 15.00%)
  • Competitive exchange rates.
    • Any bank in UAE to any receiver in India
      • Electronic transfers into any ICICI Bank account with over 4000 branches in India.
      • Electronic transfers into accounts with over 100,000 bank branches of over 100 banks in India.
      • Electronic transfers into any ICICI Bank remittance card account in India.
      • Demand Draft payable at many locations in India.

Is it compulsory for the remitter or beneficiary/receiver to maintain account with ICICI Bank, to avail this facility?

No.This product is eligible for all remitters, who want to send money to beneficiary/receiver in India.

Can I initiate fund transfer request, post registereing My Account and Receiver account details?

No. ICICI Bank will do a one-time KYC check and enable your account for sending money

How soon will a beneficiary with an ICICI Bank account receive the money?

For a regular NetExpress transaction, it will typically take 1 working day to credit funds into the receiver Bank account.


For fund disbursement via DD, DD will be issued and dispatched in upto one additional working day. Please note that the timeline excludes banking holidays and weekends in your country and India. Please click here to view the list of Banking holidays in India.

How will a beneficiary who does not have an ICICI Bank account receive the money?

NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers) can be used to send money directly into accounts with over 100 other banks participating in the electronic credit facility provided by the Reserve Bank of India that allows electronic transfer of funds or through request for issuance of Demand Draft payable at over 700 locations in India.

How soon will the beneficiary get the DD?

The DD is sent to the beneficiary either by courier or registered post depending upon the beneficiary's address. A courier dispatch would take about 2-3 days to reach the beneficiary, while registered post would take about 8-10 days. You can check the complete details using our online "Track Transfer" facility after logging in to Money2India site.

How much time will it take to credit a non-ICICI Bank account?

It will take 1 working day to credit funds into a Bank account.

For what purposes can I send money to India?

There are many reasons why you may want to send money to India:

  1. To credit your NRO/NRE savings account, NRE/NRO fixed deposits and FCNR deposits
  2. To credit beneficiary's savings account
  3. To support your family
  4. To give gifts
  5. To make investments and payments
  6. To make donations


What are the charges for NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers)?

A nominal charge of AED 15(inclusive of service tax @ 15.00%)


Service tax will be levied on the converted gross INR amount in accordance with the Finance Act, 2015 and Service Tax (Amendment) Rules, 2015 of the Government of India w.e.f. June 1, 2015. Please click here to know the slab wise service tax structure. This charge would be deducted from the amount to be paid to the beneficiary. For FCNR deposit requests involving currency conversion, there will be a nominal charge of USD 1 (or equivalent of the deposit currency) deducted from the FCNR deposit amount.

How much money can I send through NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers)?

The minimum amount you can send is AED 500. You can transfer upto AED 20,000 per transaction.

Do I need to enter a new Tracking Number on my Internet banking account for every new transfer?

Yes. Even if you are sending money to the same beneficiary again, you must make a fresh request on Money Transfer and enter the new Tracking Number in your Internet banking account.

What if my online banking account does not have a ‘Remarks’ or ‘Message to Recipient’ field?

In that case you should send the following details by e-mail from the e-mail ID that you used to register with Money2India:

  • Overseas Bank Account Number
  • Overseas Bank Sort Code
  • Date when overseas account was debited
  • Amount that was debited from your account
  • M2N Tracking Number
  • Beneficiary Name


What if I initiate a transfer without a tracking number OR provide an incorrect / incomplete tracking number while initiating a transfer from my local remitting bank?

In case we do not receive the transaction tracking number, the transaction will not get processed. In this case, send an email from your registered email id to, mentioning the correct and complete tracking no. complete tracking number.number. along with your name & account number on the bank statement.