Money2India Overview Hong Kong FAQs

Which countries is the service available in? Which currencies are supported?

The service facilitates money transfers to India in 9 currencies from any bank in 9 countries as listed below: North America: USA (USD), Canada (CAD)

Europe: UK (GBP), Sweden (SEK), Switzerland (CHF)

Asia: Singapore (SGD), Australia (AUD), Hong Kong (HKD), UAE (AED)

To know more on the Money2India transfer modes in each of the countries, please select your Country of Residence.

You can also contact the Money2India Customer Service team for any assistance.

How do I start using the service? What all details do I need to have at the time of registration on Money2India?

On the website, click on New Users, Get Started to register for the service

Money2India registration is a simple two-page instant online process, wherein you need to provide the following details:

  • Personal Details: Fill-in your demographic information of Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Citizenship and wherever applicable, unique Identification number as specified
  • Contact Details: Fill-in your complete address and contact number details in the overseas country of residence. It is essential to provide correct details and update them on a continuous basis so that we can reach you.
  • Login Details: Enter your unique user ID and password for Money2India secure login, to access to the services available to you.
  • Other Details: You are required to set up a hint question and hint answer that will enable you to reset your password online in case you forget or your user ID gets disabled.

Upon providing the above details and accepting the terms and conditions and declaration that govern the use of the service, you get successfully registered for the service and can start using the facility for your money transfer needs.

Please do contact the Money2India Customer Service team for any assistance.

How will I get my User id /password for Money2India login?

At the time of online registration for the Money2India service at, you create your own unique user ID and password. If you have forgotten your password or entered incorrect password for login, after 3 successive incorrect attempts, your User ID will get disabled.

In such a case, use the Forgot Password or User ID Disabled link on the Money2India login page and enter the required details as registered / updated by you on Money2India, to generate your Temporary password. The Temporary password will be sent to your e-mail ID, as updated by you on Money2India. Follow the instructions provided in the e-mail to reset your password and login to your Money2India account.

Please do contact the Money2India Customer Service team for any assistance or refer to terms and conditions available on

Do I need to be an ICICI Bank customer to use service?

Money2India service can be availed by any individual (at least 18 years of age) for personal money transfer needs in India, from 9 countries and enables any bank to any bank transfers.

Neither you nor your beneficiary needs to be an ICICI Bank customer for availing the service.

Can I send money to any non-ICICI bank account using this service?

Money2India enables personal money transfer needs to any bank account in India via a wide range of delivery modes for the specified personal purposes of remittances. Depending upon the mode of transfer used, you can send money to any beneficiary in India besides an ICICI Bank account / remittance card holder via:

  • Electronic transfers into accounts with over 75,000 bank branches in India
  • Electronic transfers into any resident Visa debit card issued in India
  • Demand Drafts issued and dispatched to your beneficiary in India

Click on the Disbursement Modes link for details on the reach to your beneficiary               

For what purposes can I send money through Money2India?

Money2India service can be availed by any individual (at least 18 years of age) for personal money transfer needs in India from 9 countries.

When you are placing a money transfer request on Money2India, you are required to select the purpose of remittance from a specified list of purposes like for family maintenance, gifts to family or friends, credit into your non-resident deposit accounts in India, donations, payments towards tuition/ hostel fees, travel services, home loan repayment (extended by banks), insurance premium, purchase of permissible real estate etc.

What security features are there on the website to protect my information?

Money2India employs a range of state-of -the art security features for the service

  • Firewall (virtual electronic fence that prevents unauthorized access to the ICICI Bank server)
  • 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (Security technology that ensures all information exchanged is confidential.)

We recommend you not to share your Money2India details with anyone.

Click here to read more on how to secure your online transfers.