To: Bank Name: Sberbank Moscow SABRRUMM012 FFC: CHASGB2L
Field 56 Intermediary bank JPMorgan London CHASGB2L
Field 57 Beneficiary Bank : /30101810400000000622
Field 59 Customer ID:
Account Name:
ICICI Bank Ltd.
Additional details required for crediting an Account:
Field 70   VO Code xxx, INN: 7707083893, BIK Code: 044525225, Central Bank Acct: 30101810400000000225 (you will also need to include the purpose of the payment)
Field 70 Remittance Information /FFC/ _____________ (Beneficiary's 12 digit A/c No. with ICICI Bank - complete account number)
________________ (ICICI Bank Ltd., Mumbai (India) with complete branch address and IFSC code)
________________ (Resident / NRE / NRO)
________________ (Beneficiary’s Name)
________________ (Beneficiary’s Address)
Mention the purpose of remittance in Field 72


This currency will be received in equivalent USD. The USD Card Rate prevailing on the date of credit to customer account would be the applicable exchange rate.