Tips for effective NRI Banking with ICICI Bank

Maintain a minimum Monthly Average Balance

Maintain a minimum balance of INR 25000 at a Customer ID level, or INR 15000 at an Account level to avoid charges.

To avoid non-maintenace charges you can book a Fixed Deposit under your Customer ID.

You can open an FD using the following channels :

  • Visit and login using your user ID and password

  • Click on the option 'Open Fixed Deposit – NRI' on the Service Requests page.
  • Book your FD by filling in the required details.

You can call our 24 X 7 Customer Care to book your FD

Update your Contact Details regularly

Always keep your Phone Number and e-mail ID updated with us so that you do not miss out any important communication such as alerts on ATM or Debit Card transactions made on your accounts ,account statements, TDS certificate, promotional offers etc .

You can update your details either by logging into your account through or calling our 24 X 7 Customer Care. You can also visit our branches for the same.

Click here to know more.

Use Internet Banking

Internet banking gives you the convenience of carrying out transactions like booking Fixed Deposits, paying India bills ,transfering funds etc. anytime , anywhere. Not only this , you can place service requests like issuance of a ATM/Debit card PIN , opening an account , ordering a new cheque book 24 X 7.

Follow the below mentioned steps to start using internet banking :

login id password

Add a Mandate Holder

Being an NRI, you cannot physically be present to handle your financial matters for most of the year. Hence, to take care of your finances in India, you can appoint a Resident Indian ( a family member only ) to act on your behalf.

Facilities and Rights available to the mandate holder :

A mandate holder can issue cheques for local payments on behalf of the account holder. He / she can execute all instructions except the following:

  • Opening / Closure of fixed deposits
  • Repatriation of funds to anyone other than the account holder.
  • Gifting of funds.

How to register a Mandate Holder

To register a mandate holder for your account, you need to download the request form, fill it and send it to your proposed mandate holder. The Mandate Registration form has to be signed by both the Account holder and the Mandate holder.

Click Here to download the 'Add a Mandate' request form.

The mandate holder then needs to visit an ICICI Bank branch and submit the request form along with the relevant documents.To refer to the updated list of our branches please, Click here

'Mandate holder is required to submit a recent photograph and copies of relevant identity and address proofs along with the form. The photocopies of the documents have to be self-attested. Also, the original documents have to be carried for verification.

For any clarification or more information, please call us on our
24-hour Customer Care or write to us at

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Disclaimer :

The information on this webpage is not tax, legal or investment advice, and no member of ICICI Bank Group has given you any advice.
Nothing in this document is intended to constitute legal, tax, securities, or investment advice, or an opinion regarding the appropriateness of any investment, or a solicitation of any type.

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