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15 Signals That Hint Financial Trouble

  • "Spending money makes me feel good."
  • "I let others (or I wish there was another to) handle my finances."
  • "Someone will come along and rescue me"
  • "I rarely balance my checkbook."
  • "I now use my credit cards for small items I used to get with cash."
  • "20 percent or more of my take-home pay goes for debt payments."
  • "I'm afraid to calculate my net worth."
  • "I frequently find myself borrowing small amounts of money."
  • "If I lost my job, I'd be out of money in less than two weeks."
  • "It makes me uncomfortable to talk about money. "
  • "I don't know the total amount of my debts and obligations."
  • "It is very difficult for me to save any money at all."
  • "It seems to be a paycheck to paycheck life-style."
  • "There have been occasions when I have paid late charges on a loan."
  • "I have used (or plan to use) a debt consolidation loan to pay my bills."
Types of Account
  • Update your Contact Details regularly
  • Use Internet Banking
  • Transact regularly

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