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ICICI Bank Video Banking App

Video Banking App is an exclusive offering of ICICI Bank for its NRI Customers. This app enables customers to speak with ICICI Bank executive face-to-face through video calls. This facility is available 24x7, through the year, for all our existing NRI customers.


Helps you connect with an ICICI Bank customer representative instantly.
It is a 24X7 service to solve day-to-day banking queries, provide product related information and product offers.
Enjoy safe and secure conversation with an easy authentication process .


1) Smart phone with Android or IOS-iphone with front camera
2) Android version 4.x.x and above or IOS version 6 and above
3) Internet (3G and above) / Wi-Fi Connection
4) Enabled for VOIP locations/countries only
5) Successful debit card and Pin authentication

Steps to use the app

1) Android users can down load this app from Google play store and iOS users can download the same from Apple stores
2) Once the App is downloaded, customers using their debit card and pin can authenticate and connect to video call with customer care executive

Download the App from links below:



All transactions executed through the video banking application / call center would be termed as valid when done in adherence and in compliance with ICICI Bank's terms and conditions for such transactions. Authentication of customers is purely on Debit Card & PIN and does not include authenticating of customer by face on video.

By downloading the application, you are agreeing to the ICICI Bank's Terms and Conditions governing the use of ICICI Bank's Video Banking App for Wealth Management & NRI customers ("Terms"). On successful authentication customers will be connected to ICICI Bank 24-hour Video Call center. For our detailed terms & conditions, Visit