At ICICI Bank NRI Services we realise our responsibility towards managing the impact we have on the environment. We work towards minimising our carbon footprint through energy and paper consumption measures, while conducting our business. We believe that if all of us take small steps today, we can create a sustainable future.

Our approach towards environmental sustainability involves promoting the use of "Green" banking products/channels amongst our customers. We also incorporate various energy and paper conservation measures while undertaking our day to day business activities.

You can help us by using our "Green" products/channels. Our "Green" products/services reduce the need for paper usage and also help in energy conservation by eliminating the need for travel to branches.

Internet Banking:

Using our Internet Banking platform gives you the convenience of banking anytime, anywhere. Internet Banking transactions have minimal wait time and are safe and secure. More than 60% of our NRI customers use Internet Banking.

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Internet Banking platform, please

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Debit Card:

You can use your ICICI Bank NRE Debit Card for online shopping transactions as well as for both domestic and international offline shopping. Your ICICI Bank NRO Debit Cards can also be used instead of cash for domestic offline shopping. 25% of our NRI customers have used ICICI Bank NRE/NRO Debit Cards for online and offline shopping transactions.

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You can register to receive monthly e-statements, instead of physical statements. This will save paper. Around 60% of NRI customers are currently registered for the e-statement facility.

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e-statements, log on to Internet Banking or call our 24-hour
Customer Care.

We have incorporated the following paper and energy conservation measures in our day-to-day business:

  • We encourage our employees to turn off all lights and electronic equipment when not in use.
  • We make extensive use of webinars in conducting meetings and workshops reducing the need for our employees to travel.
  • We promote the use of carpool and public transportation among our employees
  • We follow the practice of reusing paper
  • We share electronic files, voice mail and e-mail instead of paper memos
  • We promote two-sided printing when possible as well as limit printed material/e-mails/memos to only what is necessary
  • Since 2010, our employees have been using dateless diaries.

Deposit Accounts

Fixed Deposit Rupee Accounts
Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency Accounts
Recurring Deposit Rupee Accounts