Pockets by ICICI Bank FAQs

Pockets desktop app - Registration /Login and Features

1. Who can register on this App?

ICICI Bank customers who hold non resident savings account with a valid Debit Card can register for this application.

 2. How do I register for this App?

All you have to do is Log into your Facebook account and search for ICICI Bank, click on Pockets By ICICI Bank and register



Log into your Facebook account and search for Pockets By ICICI Bank and register yourself



Follow the below mentioned steps for registration:

  1. Click here to register.
  2. This click will lead you to Facebook where you need to login to your Facebook account
  3. Click on "GO TO APP"
  4. You will be required to grant permissions asked during the process for completing your registration successfully
  5. Application's main page will open indicating all the features offered
  6. Click on "Register Now" button
  7. Register yourself by entering your Debit card number and your ATM PIN.
  8. Set your personal 4 digit numeric password for this application
  9. In case of a joint account, please enter your internet banking user ID

This PIN will give you access to the application in future as well.

3. Is there any charge for registration?

No, there is no charge for registration and usage of the App.

4. Will this app work on mobile browser and facebook app for mobile as well?

Pockets by ICICI Bank can be accessed through desktop version of Facebook.

5. I am unable to login to my account as while Signing in, an not-error is populated "Incorrect characters entered"?

If you are trying in Internet explorer browser, you may face this not-error. You need to follow below steps to avoid the same: 

  1. Open new browser>>>Click on "Tools">>>Select "Internet Options">>>"Privacy" tab>>>click "Advanced" button
  2. A small window will be opened, following settings should be done:
    • Tick the check box for "Override automatic cookie handling"
    • First party cookies should be ticked as "Accept"
    • Third party cookies should be ticked as "Accept"
    • Tick the check box for "Always allow session cookies"

6. I have forgotten my 4 digit password to login to Pockets. How can I reset it?

You can reset your password by clicking on 'Forgot Password' link on Login page. You will have to enter your debit card details again for authentication

7. I have new my debit card, can I use this new card to access Pockets?

In case you were registered with your old debit card, you will have to unsubscribe from Pockets by clicking on "Unsubscribe" option on Login Page. You can now register for Pockets using your new debit card.

8. What are the services available on the Pockets Desktop App?

The following services are available on Pockets by ICICI Bank.


View all ICICI Bank relationships :

  • Account summary, Account Details and Mini Statement of your Savings Bank Account
  • Know Credit Card details, Payment dues, view Card Statements including old statements
  • Demat holding statements

9. Will I be able to view all my relationships with the Bank?

You will be able to view Account summary, Account Details and Mini Statement of your Savings Bank Account, Know Credit Card details, Payment dues, view Card Statements including old statements, Demat holding statements.

If any of the relationship(s) is/are not visible, we request you to call our 24 hour Customer Care.

10. Financial Transactions?

Financial Transactions:

  • Fund transfer to your linked account
  • Fund transfer to any other ICICI Bank account
  • Bill Payment both Direct Payments or Scheduled Bills


(Please note new Payee and Bills can be added only through your Internet Banking Account).

11. Can I transfer money to any friend having ICICI Bank account?

No. You can transfer money to only those third party(ies) who have an ICICI Bank account and whom you have successfully registered as a Payee through Internet Banking. If your friends are not registered as Payee through Internet Banking, you have to first register the friend as Payee through Internet Banking and thereafter you can initiate the funds transfer.


Daily Transaction Limit – All of your financial transactions have respective daily limits to prevent any fraudulent usage of your money.


Transaction related issues

1. I have registered for the App, but I am unable to make financial transaction. I get an error " Your email id is not registered?


To enhance the security of your financial transaction, we have implemented a mandatory OTP (One Time Password) authentication for every financial transaction done through App. This OTP is sent to your registered email id. Hence if your email id is not registered with us, you will be unable to receive OTP. "In case you have not received your OTP, please contact our 24 hour Customer Care.



Social Features on Pockets

1. What social features are available on App?

  • You can share your App with your friends.
  • You can Like App and see how many have liked this App.
  • You will know which of your friends have registered this App.
  • You will also come to know who of your registered friends concurrently using the App.
  • You can also choose to follow your friends on App if they are also registered user of the App. If you are following your friends, you will come to know about their activities on the App.
  • You also have option to Like activities of your Friends whom you are following and will also come to know the total likes of your friends.

2. I may want to share some activities with one friend, but not with other friends. Is it possible?

Yes. It is very much possible. You can customize your hide activities setting.

3. Can I post my past activities?

Yes. You can post your past activities from your Activity Feeds page on the App. In your activity feed page, you can view last 6 months of your activities done on the App.


1. How secure is "Pockets by ICICI Bank"?

Following measures will ensure that your transactions are secured on "Pockets by ICICI Bank":

  • Please enable the option "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) possible" if not already done. Option is available in your Facebook account under: Settings>>Account Settings>>Security>>Secure Browsing
  • You can see a "Lock" sign on your browser address bar when accessing "Pockets by ICICI Bank", this indicates that all communication between Facebook and our server is SSL Secured
  • To register your account in "Pockets by ICICI Bank", you first need to authenticate yourself with Debit card Number and ATM Pin
  • You will know which of your friends have registered this App.
  • Every time when you login to your "Pockets by ICICI Bank" account, you need authenticate yourself with 4 Digit password set by you during registration
  • 2 Layer Secure Access – We provide double security to your account as the account can be accessed only after logging in to your Facebook account and entering the PIN set by you. Do not share your PIN with anyone.
  • Unique Account / Registration – We make sure that your identity can not be misused by others as once you are a registered active user, another account with your details can not be created by anyone.
  • One on One – There can be only one registration associated with each Facebook account.

2. I am not able to open/see App in my Facebook account. Why?

App will not work if secured browsing is not enabled in your Facebook account. To enable secured browsing, go to Account setting >> Security >> Enable Secured Browsing.

3. I have not registered for any App. However I got a registration message from Pockets by ICICI Bank. What do I need to do?

Someone may be trying to take over your account. Please block the app by calling our 24 hour Customer Care.

4. I am not able to register the App. It says Registration is blocked. Why?

You might have blocked your registration by calling our 24 hour customer care and hence for security purpose, it is not letting you register again. To unblock it, please call our 24 hour Customer Care.