NRI Advantage FAQs

What is NRI Advantage?

NRI Advantage is a core product benefit of ICICI Bank NRI Savings Account. With NRI Advantage you can avail exclusive offers and discounts on various products and services that you will find relevant to your lifestyle as an NRI.

How do I get NRI Advantage ?

If you hold at least one NRE or NRO Savings Account, singly or jointly operated with ICICI Bank, you get NRI Advantage.


If you do not hold an NRI Savings Account, open an account today to use NRI Advantage and avail the exciting offers listed under it.

How do I use NRI Advantage?

  1. Click here to view the offers listed under NRI Advantage
  2. Choose the offer you wish to avail
  3. Follow the steps to avail the offer

I have an ICICI Bank Savings Account, do I get different offers compared to NRI Premia and NRI Pro Account holders?

The offers available to NRI Savings Account, NRI Pro Account and NRI Premia Account customers are different in nature.

If you wish to upgrade from your NRI Savings Account to NRI Pro/NRI Premia account, click here.

Can I avail more than one offer at a time?

You can avail one or more offers listed under NRI Advantage*.


*Subject to offer specific terms and conditions.

Can I use the offer more than once?

You can avail the offer more than once*.


*Subject to offer specific terms and conditions.

How long will these offers be valid?

The validity of each offer is mentioned on the page where the offer details are given, under NRI Advantage

Can my family avail these offers?

There are specific offers which can be used by the family of the NRI Savings Account holder*.


*Subject to offer specific terms and conditions.

Do I have to pay for these offers?

Being an NRI Savings Account customer, you do not pay any extra costs for the offer/discount.

However, you will have to pay for the products/services that you purchase.

What do I do if I have any query regarding any specific offer?

You may call us or e-mail us at