New NRI - Resident account conversion FAQs

How to convert a resident account into an NRI Account?


You have only a resident account: In-case you have only a resident account then you will have to fill in a new account NRI relationship opening form. Click here to know more. While filling in the relationship details please mention your resident account number/ s that we can convert the resident account to NRO. The account number will remain the same for your convenience.


In case you simultaneously hold a non-resident account and resident account and your status is that of non-resident Indian, you need to convert your resident account to NRO. This is in line with the applicable FEMA guidelines. For the same you will have to fill-in a resident to NRO conversion request form. Click here to know more.



After re-designation of your resident savings account to NRO savings account, the account number will remain the same and funds from resident savings account will automatically be transferred to NRO savings account. In case of your Indian address not being changed you would not be required to submit the proof. However, if it has changed then you would be required to submit the proof. Current (i.e. overseas) address proof is mandatorily.


What happens to your resident deliverables? How to update / change your details after redesignation?

  • The existing resident deliverables such as cheque book remains the same.
  • You can use the unused cheques from the existing cheque book.
  • The debit card will be deactivated and deemed invalid post NRI account status change. New debit card will be issued post NRI account status change.

Will there be a lag in conversion during which period you will not be able to access your account after redesignation?

  • Your account number remains the same after re- designation
  • You can use the unused cheques from your cheque book
  • A new debit card will be issued to you
  • It takes 14 working days for the new debit card to reach you in case of overseas address and 7 working days in case of Indian address.
  • Your Internet banking login ID and password will remain the same

What happens to your I-Direct account opened as a resident?

As per RBI guidelines, an NRI needs to have a separate bank account exclusively for Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) purposes. This account can be jointly held. NRIs should have separate bank accounts for PIS and Non-PIS transactions.


Hence, basis your request your Resident I-Direct Account will be delinked. Your Trading Account will be deactivated and your holdings will be transferred to the NRI PIS Account.

What happens to your Insurance policies bought as a resident?

Insurance policies bought as a resident continues to be as is. However, it is advisable to inform the insurance company about the change in status from resident to NRI.

What happens to your FDs opened as a resident?

As per RBI regulation, once you attain an NRI status, you need to Re-designate the FDs opened as a resident to NRO FDs. Please note that tax @ 30.9% will be levied on interest earned on NRO FDs.