Hello Australia FAQs

What is Hello Australia Account?

Everyday Smart Access/ Everyday Student Smart Access account with Commonwealth Bank of Australia along with an NRI account with ICICI Bank Ltd.

Who can apply for Hello Australia Account?

Any Indian citizen who has a valid Australian visa can apply for Hello Australia Account.

How do I apply for a Hello Australia Account?

The account can be opened through designated ICICI Bank Limited branches in India. You may approach the Non Resident Indian (NRI) sales or service staff in the ICICI Bank branch near you.


E-mail us your mailing address and telephone number at

globalbanking@icicibank.com. We will contact you within 24 hours.


Call us on 1-800-22-4848 (in India)


How do I receive the Welcome Kit (Debit Card and cheque book) of my Hello Australia Account?

Kindly visit the preferred branch selected at the time of account opening with the print of the welcome letter and you will receive the Welcome Kit at the branch.

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

There is no minimum amount required to open a Hello Australia Account. The account is offered only in AUD.

What is the minimum balance that is required to be maintained in the account?

There is no minimum balance requirement to be maintained in a Hello Australia account.

I am moving to Australia from a country other than India. Can I open this account?

The Hello Australia Account is currently being offered to people moving to Australia from India only.

Do I need to be an Indian citizen/ NRI (Non Resident Indian)/ PIO (Person of Indian origin) to open this account?

Yes, you must be an Indian citizen, NRI or PIO holding a valid Indian passport with a valid Australian visa to be eligible for opening a Hello Australia Account.

Is there a limit on the maximum amount that I can transfer from India?

Yes, there is a limit for transfer of funds into your account is as per the RBI's permissible outward remittance limit.

When will the funds be credited to my account in Australia when I remit the funds from India?

The funds will be credited into the account within 2-3 business days.

Can I deposit funds after I receive my account number?

You can send money to your Hello Australia Account any time after you receive the account number.

What if I want to send funds back to India after arriving in Australia?

You are permitted to perform any regular banking transactions after the account is activated in Australia.