Opened a New NRI account with ICICI Bank - Phone Banking FAQs

What all do you need to use Phone Banking?

All you need to start using Phone Banking is our 24-hour Customer Care numbers which are available here .


In case toll free lines are not available in your country , you can take advantage of our Click to Call facility. Using this, you can input your details on our website and our executives will get in touch with you in the next five to ten minutes. Click here to know more about this service.


For some transactions, you will need your ICICI Bank NRI Debit Card and its PIN.


Both are given to you at the time of account opening. If you have lost your Debit Card or forgotten your PIN , you can place a request for the same in the following ways:


Internet Banking

You can place a request for your Debit Card by following the path below:
Login in to your Internet Banking account ->Service Requests ->Reissue of lost ATM/Debit Card


For requesting new Debit Card PIN , follow the path :

Login in to your Internet Banking account ->Service Requests ->Reissue of ATM/Debit Card Password (PIN)


If you have registered you email ID with us , you can generate you PIN instantaneously by selecting the request type ' Generate Debit Card PIN online' .

What kind of transactions can you do through Phone Banking?

You can do the following using Phone Banking :

  • Open Fixed Deposits/ Recurring Deposits
  • Update your PAN number
  • Activate your Inactive/Dormant accounts
  • Update your Contact number / Email ID
  • Transfer funds
  • Request for Cheque Book/ATM /Debit Card
  • Register for e-statement facility and much more

Click here to know other transactions you can do using Phone BankingPhone Banking.


Note: While contacting Phone Bankingphone banking kindly keep your ATM / debit card and PIN handy.

Are there any charges for using Phone Banking?

There are no charges applicable for using Phone Banking in case you are calling our Toll Free numbers.

If you are calling our non-toll free numbers , rates as charged by your telephone service provider will be applicable.