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ICICI Bank India NRI Services brings to you an exciting Cashback offer – CASHBACK 1-2-3


Now you can earn cashback on payments made through Internet Banking / iMobile towards a newly registered Biller.


To get started, all you have to do is register a new biller during the offer period under the following transaction types using your Internet Banking.

  • Tax Pay
  • Bill Payment
  • Insurance
  • Home Loan EMI

The cashback offerings are as below:


Transaction TypesHome Loan EMIBill PayTax payInsurance
Minimum transactions on new registration 8 per year 2 per quarter 1 per year 1 per year
Cashback 1% 1% 2% 3%
Maximum Earnings Rs. 1,000 per year Rs. 250 per quarter

Rs. 1,000 per year
Rs. 1,000 per year Rs. 2,000 per year



  1. Cashback value is a one-time credit which you will receive on performing minimum transactions in a year on registrations done during the offer period.
  2. Cashback amount will be paid only into the ICICI Bank India, Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) Savings Account. In case of absence of such an account, you are required to open an NRO Savings Account.
  3. ‘Number of Transactions’ will be considered as sum of count of all payments made towards a biller/s under a single Transaction type.
  4. Cashback percentage will be applied on the transaction having the highest value.
  5. Customer needs to initiate the cashback credit on Home Loan EMI by calling our Customer Care.



Offer period:

For 9 months i.e 31st March 2016, 24:00 hours IST to 31st December 2016,24:00 hours IST

How to avail the Cashback 123 offer?

Step 1: Login to your ICICI Bank India NRI Account using your Internet Banking User ID and password


Step 2: Click on “Register Biller" option and Register new Biller/s on the Transaction types listed in the grid


Step 3: Cashback payout will be credited into the account on meeting the minimum transaction count requirement (as listed in the grid)


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