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Rates & Charges
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At ICICI Bank NRI Services, it is our constant endeavour to provide products and services that will make banking convenient for you. In line with this commitment, we now present to you, our quarterly Customer Newsletter as a part of our NRI Engage program.

April, 2011 Edition - Highlights

  • Safeguard your NRI Account - Information on certain common online frauds, along with tips for protection when transacting online
  • Taking control of your finances - Use these tips to manage your finances
  • NRI Expert speak - Mr. Shanbhag answers queries on transferring funds to India
  • Whats new @ ICICI Bank - Adding a payee has just got simpler

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January, 2011 Edition - Highlights

  • Joy of Giving - Read about the efforts made by ICICI Foundation to support inclusive growth & how you can make a difference by donating.
  • Effective NRI Banking - Follow these simple steps for effective NRI Banking
  • NRI Expert speak - Mr. Shanbhag answers queries on the steps to be taken on becoming an NRI
  • Whats new @ ICICI Bank - Online password generation for NRIs

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October, 2011 Edition - Highlights

  • NRI Products - Learn how Shilpi and Ankur selected the right NRI Products for them through a simple case study
  • Mandate holder facilities - Discover how your relative in India can help you manage your finances locally
  • NRI Expert speak - Mr. Shanbhag answers queries on repatriation
  • Whats new @ ICICI Bank - Online transactions through your debit card

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Happy reading!