Security with M-Pesa

Registration process

The M-Pesa services are provided only to the vodafone customers who have specifically opted for same and registration only happens at authorized M-Pesa store by M-Pesa agent.

Activation process

Customer has to activate the M-Pesa on their handsets using a 4 digit start key. These 4 digits are randomly generated by the M-Pesa system and are received on customers mobile once they are registered by the agent. This ensures that only the rightful owner of the account who has submitted the KYC documents activates M-Pesa on his handset.

User-generated PIN

Customer is also required to create a 4-digit numeric PIN of his choice. This PIN is confidential and only remains with the owner of M-Pesa account. PIN acts as a verification mechanism to do any transaction on M-Pesa system. The application gets locked in case of five incorrect PIN are entered consecutively.

Communication mechanism

The transmission between you and the M-Pesa system ensures highest safety and security standards. With every transaction you would receive an instantaneous SMS confirming same.