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Imobile error to be fixed

Everytime I open imobile application it says This ervice is currently unavailable, please call our customer care #00 Please fix it

Good app

Dear Mr. Isaac, we thank you for your kind words. We appreciate your encouragement and support. We will keep at it. Regards, ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

Good app

I like fund transfer and debit card services! Specially it provides all details of credit card and its transactions!! Design is also good!!! I am waiting for more nice features!!!!

UPI for Iphone

Dear Mr. Chitari, the upgraded Pockets and iMobile application comprising the UPI system is available on the Google Play Store for smartphones with Android operating systems. It will soon be available on the iOS operating system as well.

Nice to see more offers

Dear Mr. Babu, we are glad you liked it. Happy Banking! Regards, ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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