About iMobile Smartkeys

iMobile Smartkeys is an innovative new feature of iMobile that lets you do mobile banking transactions using your smartphone’s keyboard. This innovative feature lets you transfer funds and more from any messenger app, without the need of switching applications in matter of few seconds.


This service can be initiated from any social messenger, SMS , Email by simply switching default keyboard or anytime whenever default keyboard is opened in mobile phone.

All that you can do with iMobile Smartkeys

You can do the following using iMobile Smartkeys, without the need to switch between apps

  1. Fund transfer transactions
    Fund Transfers can be done for registered Payees (ICICI Bank, Non – ICICI Bank )

  2. Favourite transactions
    The following transactions if saved as favourites can also be done using iMobile Smartkeys.
    Mobile recharges
    Registered Payment biller
    Fund Transfer – Within ICICI, NEFT, IMPS

Using iMobile SmartKeys, you can complete your transactions in 4 simple steps! 
Invoke keyboard -> Enter login details -> Select Payee/Favourites -> Enter Amount & Submit