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iMobile Pay - ICICI Bank Mobile Banking App

iMobile Pay, a one-stop solution for all your financial needs is now open for all. The world class experience that was exclusively for ICICI Bank family, is now available for the entire country. Complete all your financial transactions with the trust and security of ICICI Bank. Transfer money instantly to anyone registered on any of the major UPI apps at zero cost using iMobile Pay.

Pay to contact

iMobile Pay allows you to transfer funds to anyone’s mobile number seamlessly. All you have to do is enter the mobile number from your address book and transfer funds right away. It can be used to send or receive money with the added security and safety of ICICI Bank.

Scan to pay

With Scan to pay, there is no need for card details, or even a card, to make payments. All you need to do is just scan the QR code and complete the transaction. Alternatively, you could share the QR Code in your iMobile Pay app and WhatsApp or e-mail it to the sender. They can then select ‘Scan to Pay’ option in their iMobile Pay app, and pay you instantly. It’s that simple! The card details remain in control of the customer and the transaction is complete with enhanced security.

Bill pay (Coming soon)

With iMobile Pay, you can pay all your utility bills without having to wait in a queue. Choose from any one of the categories from the Bill Payment section. Now set your bill pay reminders with fetch functionality which will prompt you to pay your due bills on time every month.

Other products and services on offer for customers who are not having an account with us:

  • View Balance – Check your account balance instantly in the all-new iMobile Pay app
  • Recent transactions – Keep track of all your recent transactions
  • Reset/Change the UPI PIN – In case you forget your UPI PIN, you can change it conveniently
  • Linking all your accounts with us – Keep all your accounts linked at one place
  • Share UPI ID – Share your UPI ID with your customers, family or friends when they need to make payments to you
  • Send money to any bank account – Send money to any bank account through iMobile Pay app
  • Send money to any UPI ID – You don’t even need bank account details to send funds to someone if you have their UPI ID
  • Collect money from any UPI ID – You have an option to collect money from anyone immediately or anytime later
  • Chatbot services – Chat with iPal anytime from the app and redefine your banking experience
  • Open a new ICICI Bank Savings Account in just 4 minutes
  • Get an ICICI Bank Credit Card at zero joining fees
  • Open a new ICICI Bank Loan Account.

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