Aircel Mobile Money Customer Do's and Dont's


  • Carefully check the mobile number of beneficiary before making any payment
  • Read the USSD instruction carefully before any action
  • Clarify any doubt you have regarding Aircel ICICI Bank Mobile Money from nearest agent or by calling customer care
  • Verify your transactions periodically. Any unauthorized transaction, if observed should be reported to the customer care
  • Inform customer care immediately if your phone has been stolen or is lost and so that we can suspend your account.
  • Choose a secure PIN , which is not easy to guess. Change the PIN number frequently
  • View the confirmation SMS post any transaction to ensure the correctness. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS within 15 minutes of transaction inform the customer care
  • Wait for five minutes before making repeated transactions to same beneficiary
  • Call customer care if you have forgotten your PIN


  • Don't share your PIN with anyone not even with mobile money agent or customer care representatives
  • Don't let anyone see you input PIN
  • Don't leave retailer's outlet till you receive SMS confirming your transaction
  • Don't share withdrawal code and secret code with anyone
  • Don't pay any fee or charges in cash to any retailer. Any fee or charge applicable would be deducted directly from your account
  • Don't sign any blank application form, to be filled in by an agent or bank representative later
  • Don't hand-over copies or original documents containing your personal data like your date of birth, PAN, financials, address proofs, etc. to an unknown person. Always ask for identification
  • Don't respond to phishing e-mails or phone calls that falsely claim to be from a bank or from ASML and ask you to disclose your personal and m-pesa account related confidential details. We will never ask you to send your personal or m-pesa account details