Mine Debit Plus Card

Mine Plus Debit Card

You’ve got another new friend in Mine Plus Debit Card who goes the extra mile so that you can live more, do more, enjoy more and live your best life with unique benefits and exclusive offers. It’s the coolest upgrade you wished for.

Mine Plus Debit Card Benefits that are a great fit

Live a little. Live a lot. Live your best life.

Mine Plus Debit Card Benefits that fit right at home, work or play

Mine Icons

1% Cashback across Zomato, Bigbasket, Bookmyshow and Myntra

Mine Icons

Personalize and customize your card if you’d like. We’ll help with everything.

Mine Icons

Exclusive Dining Offers through the ICICI Bank Culinary Treats Programme for all your night outs.

Mine Icons

Pay Utility Bills (excluding tax payments) right from wherever you are

Mine Icons

Replace your card anytime at just Rs. 200

Mine Icons

Better tracking and receipt of Instant SMS Alerts on all transactions made so taking charge of your finances is a piece of cake.

Mine Icons

Itemized Billing. Purchase details made on the card, along with the date, merchant’s name and amount will be mentioned in the bank statement.

Mine Icons

24/7 Help at Hand so you never feel like there’s no helping hand when it comes to your finances.

Mine Icons

Zero surcharge on fuel purchases to make every road trip a memorable one.

Mine Icons

Joining fee – 599 + GST and an Annual Fee of 599 + GST.

How to open an Instant Mine Savings Account and make ICICI Mine all yours

Go to Saving Account Online Page

Enter your PAN, Aadhaar and other details

And your Insta Save Mine Account is ready


What is an ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card?

The Mine Plus Debit Card is a personalised Debit Card for millennials where you can choose the design to be printed on your card.

What is the process for applying for an ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card online in iMobile?

You can follow the below process to apply online:

  • Login to your iMobile App
  • Under Debit Cards – Unlock to mine+ Debit Card
  • Choose your own picture, design your card and submit.
  • A request number will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number and e-mail ID with the image code.

What type of images can I choose for my ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card?

You can choose any image that belongs to you, be it the picture you clicked on your last vacation with your friends or an image of your dog. You can refer to the image upload guidelines to find out the basic rules for images allowed for the Mine Plus Debit Card.

What are the type of images that are not allowed for Mine Plus Debit Card?

  • Images including any of the following elements would not be allowed for ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card:
  • Trademarks or copyright material that is famous or recognised, including images marked with ©, ® or ™ signs.
  • Pictures that have advertising, promotional material including branded products and services.
  • Pictures that have telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers or e-mail IDs.
  • Pictures of celebrities/musicians/athletes/entertainers/public-figures/cartoon characters, etc. that are famous or recognised.
  • Provocative or sexual images including inappropriate nudity or semi-nudity.
  • Violent or offensive racist images including any images in which weapons or fire arms are shown.
  • Images portraying anti-social or obscene behaviour.
  • Images where drinking (or being drunk), smoking, narcotics or gambling are shown.
  • Any religious or political images, including images that portray socially unacceptable groups or political statements.
  • Texts unless benign (i.e. words that are kind, gentle and harmless) and in the English language.
  • Subject matter of any nature that might result in confusion at point of sale or that might result in card fraud. Any image that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility towards the Mastercard ® or Visa® or any other payment network brands.
  • Images where money or currency is in focus.
  • Any reference to the Olympic Games.
  • Trade names, logos, slogans or other identifying indicia of any Card Processing Associations (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
  • Images that portray profanity or obscenity.
  • Images which show ICICI Bank, ICICI Bank logo, or ICICI Bank Debit Card in bad light.
  • Images which show the names or images of any other peer Banking or Financial Institution.
  • Images that have any Emblems, Flags or Logos of the Constitution of India or any other Government body.

How will I come to know if my image was approved or rejected?

All images uploaded are scrutinised to check for violation of image checking guidelines. If image is as per the guidelines, the card is produced and dispatched to you. If the image is rejected, an alert will be sent to your registered mobile number.

What are the charges for ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card?

The ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card can be availed at a joining fee of Rs 599 (plus GST) only. Annual charges of Rs 599 (plus GST) from second year onwards will be applicable.

I have lost my ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card. Can I get a new Debit Card with the same image I had used last time?

Yes. You can get a replacement ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card with the same image as your last Mine Plus Debit Card in case of a loss or damage.

Will there be any fees charged for this replacement card?

Yes. There will be a fee of Rs 200 (plus GST) which will be charged for this replacement card.

I have applied for an ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card. When will I receive this Debit Card?

You will receive your personalised ICICI Bank Mine Plus Debit Card with an image of your choice at your registered communication address within 15 days of placing the request and successful deduction of joining fee from your Account.

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