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Safe Banking

We are committed to make your banking with us a safe and wonderful experience. The guidelines we have set out are simple steps you can take to ensure that your money is safe and secure. This initiative has been taken by us in the form of the 'Safe Banking' campaign, which has been running across media - Print, TV, Online, and Outdoor.


While you may not have fallen prey to any of them, thankfully, it's our responsibility to make you aware of them so that you are alert of how to protect your money.

Avoid banking at cyber cafés

 Never keep your PIN and card togethet


 Avoid giving away card/ A/c details


 Always los off after accessing your account

 Personal accident insurence

 Protect your savings

 Never reply to unknown emails

 Report lost or stolen ATM / credit card

 Sign after reading the loan documents

 Beware of e-mail scams

 Beware of e-mail scams