When you need extra funds after getting a home loan, you can take a top-up loan on it or a personal loan. Here are the differences between them.

  • A top-up loan on a home loan is secured whereas a personal loan is unsecured.

  • A top-up comes at a lower interest rate.

  • On a top-up, you can get tax benefits for home renovation/extension. Personal loans don't offer tax benefits.

  • Unlike a personal loan, a top-up loan is available only on an existing loan.

  • A top-up loan is available for a higher amount (up to ₹1 crore) than a personal loan (up to ₹25 lakhs).

  • You can get a top-up for a longer tenure (up to 10 years).

Personal loan involves longer processing time due to fresh application and documentation.

Top up loan vs Personal Loan: Everything You Need To Know

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