Personal Banking : New User?

1. I want to access my ICICI Bank accounts online.

To access ICICI Bank Internet Banking, all you need is your User ID & Password. For Bank account, the User ID and passwords (both log-in password and transaction password) are given to you as part of your 'Welcome Kit' at the time of account opening. Click here to view demo

2. I want to know my User ID. I forgot?

To know your User ID, click here

3. How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking?

There are two passwords, one for logging-in to and another for transacting on

1. Login Password - A login password as the name suggests is required for logging in to ICICI
    To generate your login password online - click here

2. Transaction Password - A transaction password is required whenever you are entering into any transactions on ICICI It is also required for making most of the online requests.
    To generate your transaction password, log in to and click on 'Online Password Generation – Transaction Password' under 'Service Request' option.

4. I want to link my all ICICI Bank accounts.

  • To link all your accounts to your existing User ID - click here
  • To manage your accounts - click here

5. I want to know all features of ICICI Bank Internet Banking.

  • To know ICICI Bank Internet Banking features - click here

6. I want to be safe before doing my online transactions using ICICI Bank Internet Banking. How do I?

  • To know all about ICICI Bank Safe Banking - click here
  • ICICI Bank has introduced 'i-safe' an application to enhance the security of your online account with additional authentication of One Time Password (OTP) -click here

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To link all your accounts to your existing User ID - click here


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