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Suvidha Bachat Yojana

A scheme to save at convience and earn higher interest.

Eligibility Individuals Singly/Jointly, Firms, Corporate bodies, Associations etc. can open the account under the scheme.
Amount Minimum Rs. 100/- & maximum Rs. 25,000/- per month (in multiples of Rs. 100/-). Variable monthly instalments Rs. 100/- or above with a maximum of 10 times the initial deposit or Rs. 25,000 which ever is less is accepted.
Period Minimum 12 months & maximum 120 months with quarterly interval
Interest Applicable as per term deposits rates table.
Tax Deduction at Source Applicable
Nomination Accepted
Transferability Option Available within Bank's Branches
Other facilities Loan or overdraft against the deposit is available. Premature payment is permissible.