Reserve Bank of India approves Bank of Rajasthan Merger with ICICI Bank - Click Amalgamation for Details

RajbankTraders Current Account

Monthly Average Minimum Balance ( MAB) - Rs. 1.00 LAC


    1. Free Cash Deposit upto Rs.25 Lacs per month at Home Branch and Rs.0.50 Lac per day at Non-Home Branch location.

    2. Free ABB transactions upto 100 times of MAB i.e. Rs.100 Lac per month.

    3. Free RTGS / NEFT Transaction;

    4. Free Life Time Debit cum ATM Card ( Only for Proprietor of the Firm)

        1. No Renewal Charges;

        2. Free Cash Withdrawal on Banks’ own ATMs & ATMs of Cash Tree, Bi-lateral Member Banks.

    5. Free ECS ( Credit / Debit);

    6. Free Internet Banking;

    7. Free Standing Instructions;

    8. Free Statement of Account on E-Mail;

    9. Free SMS Alerts;

    10. Free Mobile Facility ( Account Position);

    11. Free DD/Pay Order – 30 DDs / POs per month.

Penalty for non-maintenance of Monthly Average Balance – Rs. 500/-+ Service Tax per month.

Note:  Existing account can also be converted to RAJBANK Traders Current Account after furnishing a declaration.

For further inquiry, please visit to our nearest branch.