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Rajbank Saving Bank Privilege Account - Salient Features

The Bank has introduced a new Savings Bank Deposit product. W.e.f. 16.04.2007 under the name “Rajbank Saving Bank Privilege Account” .

The basic features of the new product are outlined below:

The new SB accounts should be opened with a minimum of Rs.25,000/- & a minimum Quarterly Average Balance (QAB) of Rs.25, 000/- will have to be maintained in the account and a penalty of Rs.300/- + service tax per quarter. will be charged for non maintenance of the prescribed Minimum Average Balance. The account holders of this scheme will enjoy the following privileges.

  1. Free Demat account (Till the account continues)
  2. Free ABB facility
  3. Free Cheque book
  4. Free Credit Card
  5. Free ATM cum debit Card
  6. Free Internet Banking facility
  7. Free Sweep in/sweep out facility
  8. Free DD/Pay order upto Rs.25000/- in a month through Transfer mode .

All other charges as applicable will be recovered.

Auto sweep will be allowed on balance of over Rs.25,000/- only in case of linked FFD account.