Reserve Bank of India approves Bank of Rajasthan Merger with ICICI Bank - Click Amalgamation for Details

Rajbank Classic Current Account


Monthly Average Minimum Balance (MAB) – Rs.0.50 Lac


  1. Free Cash Deposit upto Rs.25 Lac per month at Home Branch and Rs.0.20 Lac per day at Non Home Branch location.

  2. Free ABB transactions upto 100 times of MAB i.e. Rs.50 Lac per month.

  3. Free RTGS / NEFT Transaction

  4. Free Debit cum ATM Card (only for Proprietor of the Firm)

  5. No Renewal Charges;

  6. Free ECS (Credit / Debit)

  7. Free Internet Banking;

  8. Free Standing Instructions;

  9. Free Statement of Account on E-Mail;

  10. Free SMS Alerts;

  11. Free Mobile facility (Account position);

  12. Free DD / Pay Order – 10 DDs / POs per month.

Penalty for non-maintenance of Monthly Average Balance – Rs. 300/-+ Service Tax per month.