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Charter For 'Small Scale Industries'

  1. Acknowledgement for receipt of loan application by branch by affixing date stamp.
  2. Time Norms for disposal of loan applications:
    • Upto Rs.25,000/- within a fortnight
    • Over Rs.25,000/- within 8-9 weeks.
  3. No collateral security for advances upto Rs.5 lacs.
  4. No collateral for advances over Rs.5 lacs and upto Rs.15 lacs based on good track record and financial position.
  5. Composite loan upto Rs.25 lacs is sanctioned to SSI Units.
  6. Financing to SSI is available under following scheme:
    • TUFS of SIDBI
    • NEF (National Equity Fund)
    • KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission)
    • Cash Credit/ and other working capital facilities.
    • Term Loans
  7. Loan quantum: Minimum 20% of projected annual sales turnover
    (Nayak Committee norms).
  8. Margin (Stake of borrowers)
    • Upto Rs. 25,000/- Nil
    • Over Rs. 25,000/- upto Rs. 5 lacs 20%
    • Over Rs. 5 lacs 25%
  9. Simple Loan application form as per Kapoor Committee recommendations introduced.
  10. 01.  The ceiling of advances per housing unit extended to Housing Finance Companies / Institutions for onward lending to individuals should be kept at par with that provided by Commercial Banks directly to the individuals which is presently Rs.15.00 lacs.  02.  Following advances should also be covered under financing to Weaker Section: -a.    Advances granted under PMRY.b.    Advances granted to Women Entrepreneurs for productive purpose.