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Our key publications are:


Market reports

These reports are high frequency in nature and are sent out daily. They provide an easy to assimilate capsule of key events, which shaped global and domestic markets through the day. Overnight developments are captured through the morning publication and the evening report highlights intraday events. These are like a ready reckoner providing a holistic picture on various macro and financial indicators on a daily basis.


Economic reports

These reports are sent periodically usually on a monthly or adhoc basis. They cover key data releases for India and other global geographies that we track. These reports not only provide a snapshot of the data which have been released, but also comments on nuances such as implications for financial markets or policy making. Key one-off events which have an impact on the global or domestic economy are also covered.


Thematic reports

These are publications, which harness the rigorous research and analytical background of the team. They look into imminent policy related issues, advocacy pieces, fundamental underpinnings of trajectories for financial market variables, a bird’s eye view of global developments and weaving the threads together to provide a nuanced opinion and outlook for the world economy in general and India in particular.