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  • Corporate Internet Banking

    Execute critical bank transactions instantly from your office locations with not time lags

  • Online Tax

    Pay Direct Tax and Indirect Tax Online conveniently.

  • Integrated Payment System

    ICICI Bank offers payment solutions that cater to all the requirements of a corporation

  • FXOnline

    Experience a real time platform with competitive forex rates

Corporate Care
Corporate Care

At ICICI Bank we are always committed to meet all your banking needs.

We have a large network of branches, dedicated Account Managers (AM) and Customer Service Managers (CSM) to meet all your requirements.

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While entering into a large-scale business transaction or carrying out a high-value project, a company is often required to submit a Bank Guarantee. In an increasingly challenging business environment, a bank guarantee is an effective way of securing performance and payment. We provide world-class bank guarantee services and in this way also assure your clients of your strong commitment. Some of the variants of guarantees offered include:

  • Performance Guarantees
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Bid Bond Guarantees
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Deferred Payment Guarantees