About ICICI Bank Economic Research Team

The Economic Research team is the in-house research team of the Global Markets Group at ICICI Bank. The team believes in an ear-to-the ground approach to research, dovetailing the signals received real-time to the overall macroeconomic context.


The research work can be broadly segregated into two segments - thematic and market oriented research tracking currency, fixed income and commodity markets. It also includes bespoke items of analysis that can arise out of constant interaction with various clients, channel checks and interaction with stake holders from the industry.


More specifically, important aims are to understand key issues pertaining to global economy and to provide high-quality analyses that are relevant for the clients.


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Senior Economist - Domestic Markets

Senior Economist - Global Markets


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In case you have queries, comments or suggestions for ICICI Bank Economic Research team, please write to us at  erg@icicibank.com