What is ICICI Bank Mobile Banking? Why should I apply for it?

ICICI Bank’ Mobile Banking allows you to bank anytime anywhere through your mobile phone. You can access your banking information and make transactions on your Savings Account, Demat Accounts, Loan Accounts and Credit Cards at absolutely no cost. With the new mShop facility on iMobile, you will now be able to recharge your mobile phone and book movie tickets.

What are ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Alerts?

Mobile Banking Alerts from ICICI Bank allows you to receive regular and instant updates on your mobile phone through SMS sent directly from the bank. These alerts will be sent to you whenever an event occurs on the alert type you have opted.
The balance shown is based on the available balance in your account.
In case of any discrepancy please SMS IBAL >> last 6 digits of account >> to 5676766 or 9215676766.
OR login to your Internet Banking account and check your bank statement online OR call Customer Care.

Can I avail of ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Facility?

If you are an ICICI Bank customer having a Savings Account, Loan account, Demat account or Credit Card, you can avail of this Mobile Banking Facility, by registering with us. If not registered click to register now. You can also register yourself for Mobile Banking at select ICICI Bank ATMs. Click here to view demo.

What are the Banking Alerts I can subscribe to?

ICICI Bank Mobile Banking enables you to receive a list of alerts for your ICICI Bank accounts.
Banking Alerts
     1.    Credit to your bank account of any amount of Rs.5,000 or more as specified by you.
     2.    Debit to your bank account of any amount of Rs.5,000 or more as specified by you.
     3.    Salary Credit to the bank account*.
     4.    Cheque deposited in your bank account but returned.
     5.    Account balance above a specified amount.
     6.    Account balance below a specified amount.
     7.    ATM Cash withdrawal - Whenever you withdraw cash at ATM, irrespective of amount.
   * Subject to the appearance of the word 'salary' in the narration of salary credit.
Credit Card Alerts
     1.    Payment due date reminder on your next Credit Card bill.
     2.    Approaching credit limit.
Demat Alerts
     1.    Demat account getting credited.
     2.     Demat account getting debited.
     3.     Pledge creation and closure.
     4.    Rejection of submitted instructions.
Bill Payment
     Bill presented to your account for payment.

How can I subscribe to ICICI Bank Mobile Banking?

ICICI Bank offers Mobile Banking for all its resident and NRI customers. If you are an Indian resident customer kindly visit your nearest ICICI Bank Branch to register yourself for Mobile Banking. You will be required to carry along any identity proof to complete the registration process. To know about the identity proofs accepted for Mobile Banking registration, click here. You can also register yourself for Mobile Banking at select ICICI Bank ATMs. Click here to view demo.


If you are an NRI customers, the form can be downloaded from the site and either mailed to ICICI Bank or dropped off at an ICICI Bank branch anywhere in India. NRI customers can mail there filled in registration forms to;

ICICI Bank Limited,
RPC Mumbai,
5th Floor, A-Wing, Autumn Estates
Chandivali Farm Road, Chandivali
Land Mark: Next to Chandivali Studio, Opp MHADA
Mumbai- 400072

NRI customers can also mail their filled in registration form to their respective P. O. Box numbers. Click here to learn about the PO Box service.


To download the registration form, Click here

Do I need to be registered with any particular service provider to receive mobile alerts?

Mobile Alerts are not restricted to any service provider. These alerts are sent via SMS directly to your phone. If your service provider supports the SMS facility, you can avail of this service.

Do I need a special phone for Mobile Alerts?

ICICI Bank Mobile Alerts can be received on GSM or CDMA phones, provided the SMS facility is activated by the service provider.

How will I know I have received an ICICI Bank Mobile Alert?

ICICI Bank sends mobile alerts via SMS directly to your registered mobile number.

How much time does it take for me to receive an alert after doing a transaction?

ICICI Bank sends an instant alert on successful completion of the transaction. The exact time for delivery of the alert will depend on the condition of the telecom operator network.

Can I access alerts when I am abroad?

You can avail of the Mobile Banking facility even while traveling aboard. You need to ensure that you have subscribed to the international roaming facility provided by your service provider to ensure uninterrupted Mobile Alerts.