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Corporate Tax Payment

ICICI Bank, with its technology driven banking, gives you a simpler option – Online Tax Payment.

  • Cut down on your paper work and simplify the process
  • Get an MIS link that shows you a record of all past payments made along with the payment status, as well as challan details
  • Receive an immediate acknowledgment of your challan online
  • View, download and print the acknowledged copy of the challan using the MIS option

List of Central / State Tax Payment through ICICI Bank

Sr NoType of TaxCategoriesPayment Option
A Goods and Services Tax (GST) Click here to pay
B Central Tax:
1 Direct Tax - All India
(except Shillong)
Income Tax, Corporate Tax, TDS, TDS on sale of property, TCS, Dividend, Distribution Tax, Wealth Tax etc Click here to pay
2 Indirect Tax (All India) Central Excise and Service Tax Click here to pay
C State Tax:
1 Assam VAT,CST,Entry Tax, Agricultural Income Tax, Specified Lands Tax, Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax, Electricity Duty, Professional Tax Click here to pay
2 Chhattisgarh Central Sales Tax,Royalty,Entry Tax,Professional Tax, State Excise Click here to pay
3 Delhi VAT, Central Sales Tax Click here to pay
4 Madhya Pradesh Professional Tax, Central Sales Tax, Commercial Tax, Other Receipts, Entry Tax, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Taxes on Cinema Theatres Click here to pay
5 Meghalaya VAT, Central Sales Tax Click here to pay
6 Karnataka Karnataka Value Added Tax,Central Sales Tax, Karnataka Sales Tax, Karnataka Tax on Entry of Goods,Karnataka Professional Tax, Entertainment Tax, Luxuries Tax and Betting Tax Click here to pay
7 Gujarat VAT, Central Sales Tax Click here to pay
8 Odisha VAT,Central Sales Tax, Entry Tax, Entertainment Tax, Professional Tax, Odisha Sales Tax Click here to pay
9 Punjab VAT, Excise Tax Click here to pay
10 Sikkim Value Added Tax, LST,CST,Professional Tax, Education Cess and STID Click here to pay
11 Tamil Nadu VAT, Commercial Tax Click here to pay
12 Telangana VAT, Sales Tax, Professional Tax, Turnover Tax Click here to pay
13 Tripura Commercial Tax Click here to pay
14 Uttarakhand Commercial Tax Click here to pay
15 West Bengal VAT,Sales Tax, Professional Tax, Entry Tax, Land and Land Reforms, Registration and Land Revenue,Excise, Motor Vehicle,Public Account - EMD Click here to pay

Important Notices:

  1. Goods & Services Tax (GST) has been implemented from July 1, 2017. Please click here for ICICI Bank GST Registration number (GSTIN).
  2. Click here to know the steps for payment of GST through various modes

To know more, visit our FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Corporate Tax Payment

Which taxes is ICICI Bank authorised to collect?

ICICI Bank is authorised to collect Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, GST and 15 specified State Tax .

Can ICICI Bank collect State Tax?

Yes, ICICI Bank is authorised to collect tax for 15 states. For details, click here .

Can ICICI Bank collect Custom Duty?

No, ICICI Bank is not authorised to collect custom duty. However, as a special arrangement, we make payment on behalf of the customer through other banks.

Can I upload bulk transactions for direct tax through CIB?

Yes, through 'Bulk Tax Facility', you can upload bulk transactions.

Do we have tax payment facility from iMobile app?

Yes, Self Assessment Tax and Advance Tax can be paid through iMobile app.

Do we have Host-to-Host Services for Tax payment for corporates available in ICICI Bank?

Yes, Host-to-Host service for Tax Payment is available with ICICI Bank.


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