Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) : EMI on Call
  • What if I revolve after taking a EMI ? How will it effect me ?
  • Ans : The EMI amount is billed to you each month as per EMI scheme tenure, and will always be a part of Minimum Amount Due ( MAD).

    As usual, if you pay anything less than TAD on or before the due date, revolving rate of interest will be applicable . If you pay TAD on or before the due date , no charges or interest will applicable for that billing cycle.

  • How is P.F & EMI amount levied ?
  • Ans : A processing fee as per EMI scheme code + Service tax and the first EMI will be billed in your current statement. The remaining EMI's will be billed in subsequent statements.

  • What is foreclosure amount ?
  • Ans : There is no foreclosure fees which will be charged, if you want to foreclose a running EMI. But you will have to call our 24-hour Customer Care and request for foreclosure. This is the standard procedure followed.

  • What happens when I foreclose ? What happens to the pending EMIís ?
  • Ans : Letís assume that you have 3 EMIís of Rs 2000 pending and you call to foreclose. In this scenario, when the cm receives his next credit card bill, the balance EMIís totalling to Rs 6000/- will be billed to you as a part of TAD.