With this facility, your ICICI Bank FASTag Account gets automatically recharged, when the amount goes below the threshold limit. You don’t have to recharge your FASTag Account, every time you take out your vehicle on the highways or are out of funds.


Set Auto Recharge
for all your vehicles
Modify/Delete Auto
Recharge for any vehicle
One-time set
up process
and simple.
To set Auto Recharge through iMobile Pay app,
follow the below simple steps:
Log in to iMobile Pay app
Select 'Bill Payment & FASTag' > 'ICICI Bank FASTag'
Switch on 'Auto Recharge' for your linked vehicle
To set the 'Auto Recharge' for a vehicle enter:
Vehicle Number
'If, my FASTag balance drops below': Minimum amount of 100
'Then Recharge my FASTag with': Maximum amount of 10,000
'Savings Account Number'
Download the iMobile Pay:
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