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High risk can give you high rewards. Do you want to see your money grow amidst the market ups & downs? Use ICICI Bank Internet Banking or the iMobile Pay app to start your investment journey. Also, don’t forget to study the market before making Mutual Fund investments.

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Looking for a long-term investment option? Start an SIP with as low as Rs.500 a month, and gift yourself a prosperous future. Login to Internet Banking & the iMobile Pay app to start your SIP and unlock good returns with a diverse portfolio.

3-in-1 account for
better management

Can one account give you the benefits of 3? Yes. With ICICI Bank, you can now open an online Demat, Trading & Savings account all at once. Login to Internet Banking or the iMobile Pay app to open an ICICI Bank Online Demat & Trading Account to enjoy convenience like no other.