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Stay alert and avoid frauds.

Use your UPI PIN wisely.

Are you aware about fake lottery calls? Fraudsters call to lure you with lucrative rewards and lucky draws and you end up losing your hard-earned money in return. Never use your UPI PIN to authenticate monetary requests in lieu of rewards, cashback, gifts and more.

  • How you can do it:

    • Do not 'Pay' or enter your UPI PIN to receive money
    • Do not transfer funds without knowing whom you are transferring to. Ensure due diligence
    • Never scan a QR Code to receive payments
    • Never share your UPI wallet PIN , card details like PIN, One-Time Password (OTP), CVV, expiry date, grid value, type of card (Visa, Master, Rupay etc.) to anyone, even if the caller claims to be from the bank
    • Always verify and install authenticated UPI app/payment wallets from Google Play Store and Apple Store, and those that are owned by trusted or reputed companies/banks.
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Know it, to avoid it

Frauds can be varied like smishing, phishing, vishing, etc. where fraudsters pose to be bank officials; and ask you for your bank account and personal details like User ID, Card No., Grid, OTP, CVV, etc. These moves are all part of their detailed plan to scam you. In case you receive such calls or SMSes, visit your nearest branch, and report it.

  • How you can do it:

    • Register your e-mail ID, and verify yourself to get notified of any untoward or unauthorised action on your account
    • Always check your banking transaction alerts sent via SMS and e-mail, for unauthorised activity. Once you find an unauthorised transaction, immediately inform the bank
    • Do not click any unknown link via SMS and e-mail for making a digital payment. Always use trusted and protected websites
    • Change your passwords regularly. Passwords should have a unique character, to avoid having it guessed
    • Do not disclose details like passwords, Debit Card grid values, etc. to anyone, even if they claim to be bank employees or on e-mails/links that appear to be from Government bodies like RBI, I.T. Dept., etc.
    • If you misplace or lose your phone
      • Please get the SIM blocked, immediately
      • Log out of your account from the web
      • Call your bank and block your cards, internet Banking and UPI access, till you notify them further.

Say ‘No’ to screen sharing & app downloads

Fraudsters nowadays ask you to install apps or software like AnyDesk/Quick Support, to steal your bank account details. Don’t give in. Keep your screens protected from conmen. No ICICI Bank employee will ask you for screen control. In case you come across any such situation, kindly report it.

  • How you can do it:

    • Never download any application recommended/requested by any unknown person

    • Only download applications that are owned by trusted or reputed companies/banks

    • Ensure no one is looking at your screen or noticing your finger movement, to get to know your PIN. In case of remote access, the fraudster will be able to view the numbers/buttons/links being clicked

    • Never download any application that you have never heard of

    • Always read reviews before downloading an application

    • Be alert before giving out permissions, while downloading any application on your mobile phone

    • Never share your UPI wallet PIN, Password, OTP and M-PIN with anyone, even if the person claims to be a bank employee

    • Do not click any unknown link via SMS and e-mail for making a digital payment. Always use trusted and protected websites.