Steps to recharge ICICI Bank FASTag using IMPS

Log in to Internet Banking (ICICI Bank/Non-ICICI Bank)
Select 'Payments & Transfer' ➔ 'Fund Transfer' ➔ 'Add New Payees'
To 'Add new Payee' enter the below details for:

Payee Account Name: ETCPOOL
Payee Account Number: ETCCUG <8 digit Cust ID*>
IFSC code - ICIC0000106

One Wallet:
Payee Account Name: ETCPOOL
Payee Account Number: FTIM <8 digit Cust ID*>
IFSC code - ICIC0000104
To Recharge CUG# /One Wallet:

a. Log in to the mobile app/Internet Banking website of your bank
b. Select 'Payments & Transfer' ➔ 'Fund Transfer' ➔ 'To Other Bank Account' ➔ 'IMPS' mode
c. Select IFSC Code (IFSC Code: ICIC0000106 for CUG and ICIC0000104 for One Wallet) in 'Payee Bank IFSC Code' field
d. Enter 'Amount' and select the 'Proceed' button
e. Amount will be successfully recharged
#To recharge CUG using IMPS, kindly login through the mobile app/Internet Banking mobile website of any other bank except ICICI Bank, as intra bank transfers on IMPS for IFSC 106 is restricted
*To know your 8-digit Cust ID or any other FASTag related queries, please call us on toll free number 18002100104
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