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Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Your dream home is now within your reach with ICICI Bank Home Loans. We offer higher loan amount on your income. Your home loan eligibility can be further enhanced by including income of the co-applicant(s) of your Home Loan.

Home Loan eligibility is calculated after considering various factors including monthly income, fixed monthly obligation, current age, retirement age etc. Your home loan eligibility can also be considered an indicator of your home loan affordability.

Use ICICI Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator to calculate the amount that you can borrow.

Why should one calculate home loan eligibility through ICICI Bank website?

Our eligibility calculator gives the most accurate estimate of home loan that you can borrow from ICICI Bank. Our website also allows you to apply for instant sanction of your loan, even if you have not finalised the property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

What is Home Loan eligibility?

Home Loan eligibility is the amount of Home Loan that a customer is eligible to get basis the details provided.

How is Home Loan eligibility calculated based on salary?

Home Loan eligibility of the salaried customer is calculated based on the current age, type of company employed in, age of retirement, etc.

What factors determine Home Loan eligibility?

Home Loan eligibility depends on various factors, such as monthly income, current age, profile of the customer, monthly obligations, credit history, retirement age, etc.

How can you enhance Home Loan eligibility?

Home Loan eligibility can be enhanced by adding a co-borrower/opting for longer tenure loan/additional source of income.

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