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    Seasonal Current Account

    The product is meant to cater to business segments which have an inherent seasonality in their operations, such as Agri-businesses. With a minimum Monthly Average Balance ("MAB") requirement of Rs. 1,00,000/-, the product is customized to offer dynamic free limits on cash and non-cash transactions that vary based on the MAB maintained in the account. Thus during peak seasons for your business the limits on the value of free transactions increases with the higher balance maintained, thus bringing down the charges applicable for the higher volume of transactions.


    • Dynamic limits on the amount of free transactions based on the MAB maintained - Business transactions in the account increase for seasonal businesses in the peak seasons. Seasonal current account is structured such that the limits on free transactions for various transactions are a multiple of MAB maintained in the account in the transaction month. Thus in the peak seasons with the increase in the MAB maintained, limits on free transactions increase in the account bringing down transaction costs that would have been incurred otherwise.
    • Higher free limits for anywhere cash deposits - No charges on the monthly cash deposits in your account upto 12 times the MAB maintained during the same transaction month. The free limit is applicable for cash deposits both at base and non-base ICICI Bank locations branches, thus giving you the freedom to deposit cash anywhere depending on your business requirements.
    • Free limits on the total ^non-cash transactions made in a transaction month upto 50 times of the MAB maintained during the same transaction month.
    • No charges on up to 200 cash & clearing transactions a month not including upcountry cheque collection and collections done through Internet banking/ Phone banking/ Mobile banking/ ICICI Bank ATM's.
    • No charges on RTGS / NEFT services
    • No charges on funds transfer between ICICI Bank accounts - Funds transfer service between ICICI Bank accounts is completely free of charge. Thus you can avail of free funds transfer facility to third party ICICI Bank accounts held by your suppliers / customers etc.
    • No charges on mobile alerts ( for debit and/ credit transactions over Rs. 5000/- in your account as well as a daily closing balance alert).
    • Anywhere banking - More than 3500 branches across country
    • Extended banking hours - 9 to 6 / 8 to 8 as applicable

    *Conditions apply. Please refer to the Schedule of charges for details.

    Note :
    1. This content is for the purpose of information only and not for solicitation. It is not to be deemed as an offer to sell .
    2. The features are subject to change as per the Bank's discretion.
    3. ^Non Cash Transactions includes Demand Drafts, Pay Order, Multicity cheque payments, Local Cheque collection Non base & Upcountry Cheque Collections.


    • What is the minimum average monthly balance required in a Seasonal Current Account?
      • The minimum average monthly balance MAB required to be maintained is Rs. 1,00,000/- However, monthly free limit benefits will be based on the MAB actually maintained in the account during the transaction month and not on the minimum MAB required.
    • How is seasonal current account different from regular current accounts?
      • Free limits are dynamic depending on the balances maintained in the account, thus addressing the higher transaction volumes requirement in peak seasons for seasonal businesses
      • Free limits applicable to Cash deposits at both ICICI Bank base and non-base locations branches.
      • Higher free limits on cash deposits.
    • Is there any additional documentation required, in addition to the KYC documentation, for opening this account?
      • Yes, only customers undertaking seasonal businesses such as agriculture related enterprises are eligible to open this account. Thus, you are required to furnish documentary proof to that effect. For details on what constitutes acceptable documents, please contact our nearest branch.
    • Please refer the Schedule of Charges for detailed information.