Trade Solution for Exporters

CategoryScenarioPrimary ProductAdditional Product
Mode of Transaction Direct Export Inward Remittance Services,Export bill lodgement Trade Alert-Swift/TT Advise send through auto trigger
Advance Payment Inward Remittance Services,Export bill lodgement for regularization.
Bills for collection/Collection under LC Inward remittance settlement services, export bill lodgement,EBN,LC Advising, LC confirmation
Funding Requirement   EPC/PCFC, OD, CC Term loan (for capital investment), BG limit
Currency Fluctuation Requirement of currency risk hedging tool in order to protect the rate Forwards (low cost risk hedging solution)  
Forwards & Option (options provide flexible hedging options, requires upfront premium to be paid)  
Technological Platform Ease of applying trade products via online platform Trade Online & FX Online  
FX Online