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Manage Your Payment Cycle for Imports Effectively

Buyers’ Credit is a loan taken by an importer (Buyer) from overseas lenders such as banks and other financial institutions to finance the purchase of capital goods or services.


ICICI Bank’s Buyer Credit

  • Extends your import repayment period
  • Makes sure your suppliers are paid on time
  • Helps manage your cash flow as per your business needs

How Buyer’s Credit Works

  • Step 1 - The seller and buyer enter into a contract and agree upon the payments to be made on the basis of a Buyer's credit
  • Step 2 - ICICI Bank gets a request from buyer in terms of financing of import payments
  • Step 3 - ICICI Bank arranges a line of credit with overseas banks on the request of buyer
  • Step 4 - The overseas bank pays ICICI Bank directly, and we then pay seller on the import due date
  • Step 5 - Buyer then pay the overseas bank on the due date

The ICICI Bank Edge

  • Multichoice - Booking of forward contracts and Issuance of bank guarantees
  • Ease - Provision of cheaper financing of imports through LIBOR related interest rates
  • Competitive rates with overseas banks

What more, you can avail a combination of three services Buyers Credit, Import Bill of Collection and Forwards with one-time documentation by using our three-in-one product 'Import Plus'

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